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IPCA Membership Requirements
  • Regular membership to this Association shall be open to any active, full-time commissioned law enforcement officer, either state, county, municipal or correction officers or federal law enforcement personnel who have a canine assignment in the state of Idaho, who have met the requirement of the Idaho POST Academy.

IPCA Membership Dues
  • IPCA annual dues must be paid January 1st of every year and no later than May 1st to be a member in good standing. If you do not pay your dues by May 1st, you will not be considered a member for that year. Membership includes annual evaluation for K-9 team certification. 

    • Membership Dues and Conference: $300 Per K9 team. 

    • Membership Dues $150.00 For 3 K9 teams or more (Flat Rate) must send ALL K9 Teams paperwork together. 

    • Associate Member $20.00 Year (Not working a K9)

IPCA Membership Application
Online Application
  • Complete the online form.

  • Select Payments to pay online.

  • Complete form & mail to:


                  PO Box 190104

                  Boise, ID. 89719-0104​

  • Payments can be made through check or online (debit/credit) through this website (PayPal) 

Mail-In Application
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